T.K. Heaven Policies

We wish for every single person to enjoy their time with us at T K Heaven, please be mindful of our policies and thoughtful of other clients.


We take your health and safety very seriously, please fill in your consultation card accurately and please notify us of any changes to your health especially pregnancy, diabetes, heart and circulation problems.

Arrival for treatment

We would suggest you arrive at least 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment time.  Arriving late will limit the time of your treatment, lessening its effectiveness and your enjoyment.  Your treatment will end on time so that the next client is not delayed and the full cost will be charged.


Since we strive to provide high quality personal service to our clients, no-shows and cancellations impact on us significantly; therefore we have a strict cancellation policy. A full fee may be charged for missed appointments or cancellations made less than 24hrs before your appointment. Please be thoughtful to others waiting for appointments and cancel at your very earliest convenience.


Please respect the peaceful environment of T K Heaven by turning off your mobile phone. No smoking is allowed. Children under 16 are not permitted into the treatment rooms for their own safety, and for other client’s tranquillity.


All vouchers are valid for 6 months and cannot be extended.  Bespoke voucher packages are available upon request.

We thank you for your thoughtfulness and understanding.